Administration Services


The combined financial wealth of a multi-generational family is often too complex to be successfully managed by one person. A professionally administered family office structure is typically required to ensure that family-wide financial functions operate effectively and within the guidelines of heritage.

Incorporating your family's financial matters into a professionally managed company has many benefits for existing and future family members. A family office structure is the most efficient, transparent and easily administered way to generate and preserve family wealth for future generations.


Families with established wealth sometimes decide against a family office structure because they do not wish to uphold the responsibility or feel confident in running what is essentially a business on their own. They prefer to use other companies such as high-street banks or commission driven financial advisers and pay lawyers when necessary. There is something obviously wrong with this model, it is disjointed and a lot of the gains from holding such wealth are eroded through third party professional charges.

By approaching the management of your wealth as a business there becomes a change in attitude and focus. A Family Office, like any other company is designed to maximise the profits of the shareholders (family members). Forced with the responsibility that comes with the management of substantial wealth, we believe that families should consider the benefits of creating a professionally managed business structure.


Alternative investments are becoming more accessible than ever before as they begin to shape the way capital is allocated under a new wave of contemporary portfolio theory. Traditionally reserved for institutions and those with substantial capital power, alternative investments incorporated as part of a diversified portfolio present private investors with an opportunity to generate returns in excess of those possible through traditional investment channels.

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