Advisory Services


The Schwarz Gehard investment advisory service is ideal for investors who wish to be more involved in the active management and decision making process of their own portfolio. Our specialist investment advisers work closely with sophisticated private investors as together they seek to identify investment objectives in line with client exceptions.

In line with client specific objectives, advice on the allocation structure of a current portfolio is provided in detail along with potential recommendations that seek to deliver benefits of diversification, wealth preservation and the potential for capital growth.


As a Schwarz Gehard client, you are provided with direct and unrestricted access to a dedicated investment specialist who is responsible for maintaining close communication on the performance of your chosen investments. Frequent market commentaries and economic forecasts that are likely to have an effect on your investments are provided as a way of protecting your assets or indeed re-allocating assets to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Whilst our advisory service is similar to our discretionary portfolio mandates, clients who are more experienced and have more time to understand the workings of the financial landscape often prefer to manage their assets under the direct guidance provided by an advisory specialist.

Global market exposure

Diversified equity allocation participates in a number of developed and emerging economies.

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Fixed Income:
Balanced capital allocation

Access to a range of high-yield corporate and sovereign bond fixed coupon issues.

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Capturing value in line with fundamental risk analysis

Working with private investors and institutions to deliver realistic solutions to help overcome the challenges they face under the current economic climate.

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Investment Capabilities