Direct Alternative Investments


Direct alternatives seek to capitalize on pre-market and off-market transactions in order to provide investors with access to exceptional returns on investment. Direct alternatives are most suited to those whose appetite for returns are in excess of what would typically be considered average. Clients falling into this category are provided with access to the commentary and expertise of the Schwarz Gehard financial specialists responsible for seeing through the inception and exit transactions.


We believe that the nature of direct investments provides investors with a first hand experience on how exceptional value can be created during the course of institutional weighted transactions. Such opportunities have typically been reserved for high-net worth individuals, family office structures and institutions.

However, at Schwarz Gehard we stay true to the founding principles that dictate an ethos of client equality. Maintaining this stance we structure our business with the wellbeing of all clients at the forefront of our decisions and do not reserve the most lucrative opportunities to those with larger resources.


Typically reserved for investors with substantial capital power, Schwarz Gehard works with private investors to provide exposure to the potential often realized through direct alternative investment opportunities.

  • Foster global alliances to access off-market and pre-market investment opportunities
  • Partner with exceptional entrepreneurs and management of private growth stage companies
  • Seek to deliver attractive yield through integral economic asset performance
  • Alternative investment specialists with regional and sector specific expertise
  • Focused on sectors acting as key economic drivers;
    • Financial services
    • Technology & telecommunications
    • Infrastructure
    • Renewable energy
    • Agriculture
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Logistics & transport

Alternative Funds

Alternative investment funds deliver long/short equity and global-macro strategies to accommodate preferences in line contemporary portfolio theories.

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Discretionary portfolio management services relieves investors from the arduous intricacies involved in the successful management of a diversified portfolio.

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