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Our specialist portfolio managers apply a different set micro-strategies within each portfolio under management. It is therefore unusual to find any two managers who use exactly the same methods and techniques. However, if one were look at our portfolios as a whole, a number of common characteristics emerge.

For example, it is common for alternative assets to be implemented as a hedge against stock market volatility; the majority of our portfolios contain 10-25% of alternative asset classes surrounded by more traditional forms such as equites and fixed income vehicles.

GLobal Perspective

Typically, a Schwarz Gehard portfolio will be comprised of a diversified mix of equities, alternative assets and fixed income vehicles. This multi-asset approach is then applied to a sophisticated asset allocation model specifically designed to address your investment needs and to maximize performance.

Your dedicated Schwarz Gehard adviser will prepare a number of strategies to help demonstrate the paths that can be taken towards reaching your investment goals. In line with your investment profile and with your financial objectives in mind, our managers will provide continuous guidance as you reach each milestone on your chosen investment path.


Preserve your family's heritage - Simplify the complexities involved with the management of multi-generational wealth.

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