Financial Planning


At Schwarz Gehard we believe that everyone has the potential to build and preserve the value of wealth. With the help of our advisers we can help you to create a strategic financial roadmap and investment mandate to promote future financial security.

Our financial planning services address the common concerns that investors have relating to securing a more financially stable future. Our expertise covers a broad range of key planning areas including life assurance, retirement planning, inheritance preparation, critical illness cover and tax efficiency.


In today's uncertain economic environment it is becoming more important for investors to structure their investments in an efficient and professional manner. As a Schwarz Gehard client your dedicated wealth adviser will work closely to develop your portfolio and long-term financial strategy.

As part of a strategic financial plan your wealth adviser will address the important concerns surrounding tax efficient investing. Tax planning is a necessary part of the financial planning process, using a disciplined approach and using a mix of tax-saving tools we keep your tax liability to a minimum, effectively optimizing investment returns.

Our Approach

Helping you to clearly determine and to successfully realizie your financial objectives.

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Life Stages Planning

Preperation to financially accommodate your requirements at every stage of the life-cycle.

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Discretionary & Advisory mandates. Bespoke allocation of capital in the areas that have the most profound effect on your.

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