Life Stages Planning


At Schwarz Gehard we believe that financial planning is an ongoing process that evolves throughout life as you balance your priorities between business and family. Your dedicated Schwarz Gehard adviser will provide the advice necessary for you to make informed decisions throughout the various stages of your life-long financial strategy. With our help and expert guidance, your decisions and actions can be frequently reviewed to ensure that your strategy maintains direction towards achieving your goals.


Our financial planning services help clients to create a vision of the future as we work in partnership to identify a series of realistic life objectives in line with current and expected financial capabilities. Our long-term strategies consider a wide range of situations that are important to our clients as they develop through the various stages of their working lives and into their retirement years.

We work with our clients as they approach retirement to ensure that they are adequately prepared to maintain a comfortable lifestyle, helping them to make the most of their financial resources so they can continue to enjoy the standard of living that they deserve.


Alternative investments are becoming more accessible than ever before as they begin to shape the way capital is allocated under a new wave of contemporary portfolio theory. Traditionally reserved for institutions and those with substantial capital power, alternative investments incorporated as part of a diversified portfolio present private investors with an opportunity to generate returns in excess of those possible through traditional investment channels.

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