Managed Funds


The Global Alliance managed funds service provides investors with a discretionary investment focus on the management of best-in-class funds. Managed funds provide a convenient way for investors to access to a wide range of securities above the limitations of rigid equity positions. Participating throughout the economy of a fund presents additional benefits as private investors are able to capitalize from a larger investment pool usually reserved for those with greater financial power.

Being able to allocate assets across a broad range of securities, diversification can play a big part in mitigating risk, as the potential loss incurred from one asset class is likely to be offset against the gains of another contained within the same pool.


Global Alliance Wealth Management provides access to a range of global funds, each of which have been diligently selected and profiled to meet the variables of preference. Our fund profiling process dictates that we identify adequate fund solutions to meet investor needs with confidence.

We encourage clients to take advantage of the many benefits of using managed strategies due to their simplicity, efficiency and for diversification benefits they provide. Typically, fund focus strategies are an ideal solution for investors who require a low-maintenance investment without sacrificing performance.

We do not believe that investors should be restricted to a handful of off-the-shelf funds. Instead we present our clients with the advantages of managed funds and help them to identify their objectives before selecting a number of funds that demonstrate a like minded strategy.

Institutional Investment Services

Meeting the demanding needs and expectations of institutional decision makers through corporate solutions and personal wealth management.

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