Mission & Values


Maintaining a focus on the founding principles of our firm has helped us to satisfy the dynamic expectations of our global client base through a series of market cycles. We are committed to providing a best-in-class investment experience for each client under our care. We achieve this commitment by delivering on our promises and support proposals with actionable results.

  • Our Vision:
    To become the alternative asset manager of choice for private investors, families and institutions.
  • Our Purpose:
    Bringing investors closer to their invested interests in pursuit of long-term prosperity.
  • Our Values:
    Responsible to the wellbeing of clients with an approach to investment based on integrity, transparency and quality.

Enhancing the investment experience

As an independent provider of alternative asset investments and wealth management solutions, the success of our firm is highly correlated with the success of our clients. Sustaining client satisfaction through our performance as financial management professionals and administrative experts, we seek to create value at each stage of the client experience.

We live in a results based world, and as financial management professionals we are judged on our ability to exceed the benchmarked expectations set upon us. However, quality financial results are only one aspect of how we here at Schwarz Gehard judge our own performance in pursuit of value creation.

A dedicated attention to making sure that the specific demands of each client are met, in our eyes, is equally as important as the delivery of impressive financial results. As such, our professionals are selected on their abilities not only as financial experts in their particular field of discipline, but also on the capacity to go above and beyond in order to maintain client satisfaction.


Alternative investments are becoming more accessible than ever before as they begin to shape the way capital is allocated under a new wave of contemporary portfolio theory. Traditionally reserved for institutions and those with substantial capital power, alternative investments incorporated as part of a diversified portfolio present private investors with an opportunity to generate returns in excess of those possible through traditional investment channels.

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